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Do you still trust Google?

Do you still trust Google?

Google released its GPT-4 multimodal competitor Gemini a couple of days ago.

Here's why I think Google's Gemini will NOT take off among developers:

1. Lack of developer trust: Especially among developers. Google has had a long history of killing its own line of products and as an effect washing down several thousands of developer interest down the drain. For the uninitiated, take a look at https://killedbygoogle.com/, these are all the projects killed by Google over several years. There is no guarantee that this product will not be killed soon.

2. Fierce competition: With the lack of trust among developers, it is easier for competition to get the mind space and developer share. It is true that developers are craving multiple model options and want to avoid a single point of failure. For this reason, Gemini will potentially exist as a backup option but the predominant market share will be held by its competitors like Open AI, Llama 2, etc.

3. Attention is limited and Google is abusing it: They generated a lot of interest in the market with their announcement. However, most of the models they released cannot be tested by the developers and there is no API availability. The earliest access to developers will be given after 7 days of the announcement (13th Dec).

What? Seriously?

Some people may think it is just 7 days, why the fuss?

But in the world of AI, a lot can happen in 7 days. As Dharmesh was pointing out the other day, Sam Altman was ousted from OpenAI as the CEO, announced to join Microsoft by Satya, and then reincarnated as CEO of OpenAI - all within just 5 days.

Developers want access to the API at the time of announcement, not after a week. This is missing the ride-the-wave part.

Lastly, Google claims to beat the leading model (GPT-4 Vision) on a majority of the industry benchmarks, but there is no way to independently verify it. I am not going to blindly believe Google until I see independent verifiable proof of the benchmarks.

With all being said, my views might be biased with my work in this space.

What do you think? Just reply and let me know.

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