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AI Copilots are here - are you ready?

AI Copilots are here - are you ready?

We are at the dawn of a world that will be filled with AI copilots. 

Microsoft is betting big on copilots and with the Nov 1 GA release of multiple versions of copilots, I believe that the corporate world is going to see a huge paradigm shift in how anything will be built going forward. We are at the cusp of true disruption in many industries.

Copilots unleash the power to do more with less. What took years, months, and several weeks to build could be done in a few days or a few weeks. The beauty lies in the fact that it is truly democratized. A game-changer and level-playing field for anyone willing to learn and adapt quickly. 

Keep in mind that these are not autopilots. 

Copilots are a tool for us to use. 

Copilots cannot replace us.

BUT Autopilots will replace us. 

It can literally replace us (more to come on that). 

The real game of thrill begins when autopilots arrive in the picture. 

Until then, let's enjoy the ride with the copilots.

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